Top 5 Best Electric Griddle Review in 2021

Here is a great review of the best electric griddles for 2021 from our friends at  We agree with their review, the griddles mentioned here are all top notch and work very, very well.
Best Electric GriddlePurchasing the best electric griddle can be a tricky affair, but with this article, you will get to know the names of the finest products in a jiffy.

For your shopping convenience, we will also include an in-depth buying guide that will tell you everything about the electric griddle shopping process.

Spoiler Alert: The Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Reversible Grill/Griddle is the first place finisher in our opinion. This electric griddle can easily outperform many competing products.


The 5 Best Electric Griddle 2021



1. Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Reversible Grill

If you want to get more in return than what you pay for an item, you should set your eyes on the Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Reversible Grill. This product is truly a masterpiece in its own right. It heats up fast, cleans up easily, and will perform wonderfully for several years.

The product somehow knows how to return well-cooked food in record time. You can use it for your everyday breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. This electric griddle will stand up well to constant use. If you really know what you are after when shopping for an electric griddle, there’s no way that you won’t be happy with this product. The quality and performance of the griddle make it completely worth the asking price.

Product Features:

The Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Reversible Grill griddle features a ceramic top with non-stick properties. This eliminates the need for oil or butter when preparing pancakes, veggies, etc. And, this thing cooks everything proportionately as you may want it to be.

So, the food coming out of this griddle won’t taste weird. Not to undermine the fact that you can easily clean the non-stick surface with a wet tissue paper. The cooking capacity of the griddle is also nice. It can easily handle meals for 4-5 people without any fuss. Moreover, this thing features cool handles for easy carrying.


-The heat distribution on this griddle is spot on. It cooks evenly across the entire cooking surface. So, it won’t burn half the food and undercook the other half.

-The ceramic coating on this thing is definitely superior to the ones that you will find in other competitive products. It truly lets you take full advantage of the non-stick properties.

-This best electric griddle provides a good surface area for cooking. And, cleaning this appliance will require very little effort because nothing sticks to the non-stick surface.

-The Oster Griddle is dishwasher safe. All the removable parts can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning except for the heating control.

-After researching several griddles and weighing the positive and negative aspects of the product, scores of people have settled for this griddle. It has been a top seller for many years.


-The power cord on this unit is a tad bit short in length. Because of this, you may be forced to use this griddle very close to the power outlet source.

-The grease tray that accompanies this griddle is smaller than a standard grease tray. So, you might need to empty it if you are planning to cook a lot.

2. Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle

If you are looking for a commercial-grade griddle that doesn’t cost a fortune, the Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle can prove to be a great option for you. It’s head and shoulders above other equivalent products that seem to have a very limited lifespan and questionable non-stick surface.

This cooking device heats evenly, is well-designed, and it’s highly durable as well. Better yet, it cleans up easily too. Unless you can invest substantially more money on a high-end griddle, there’s no need to look for a better product than this one. In our opinion, there’s nothing not to like about this best electric griddle.

Product Features:

As expected from a high-quality griddle of this nature, the Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle heats evenly to prevent overcooking. And, the large cooking surface on this device is generous enough to allow you to cook as much as one pound of bacon at one shot. Moreover, nothing sticks on the surface due to the non-stick properties.

The price of this griddle is a little high, but it will meet all your expectations. So, it’s definitely worth it. Keep in mind that Zojirushi is one of the best companies for kitchen products in Japan. The chances are that you will get your next product from the same company.


-Unlike other similar products, this griddle doesn’t have hot and cool spots on it. You won’t have to keep moving the food around to get everything evenly cooked.

-Better yet, the non-stick surface doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear even after months and months of constant use. And, this thing can be submerged entirely in the water for easy cleaning.

-As mentioned earlier, it has a reasonably large cooking surface which means that you will be able to flip pancakes without any fuss. You can easily cook six pancakes at a time on this griddle.

-The Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle has a nice sturdy construction to it. It will easily last several times longer than the average griddles that you will find in a retail shop.


-Preheating isn’t instant. It does take a few minutes to heat up. Of course, this isn’t a major product defect. Unless you are always in a hurry to cook food, you won’t mind this minor product drawback.

3. Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

The Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle is a perfect product for all the budget shoppers out there. For a product of this nature, it’s available for those shoppers on a shoestring budget. This isn’t to say that this electric griddle is made from flimsy parts. On the contrary, it’s surprisingly well-made for the price you pay for it.

Interestingly enough, you won’t see aging issues on this product even after a year or two. And, this thing will take very little physical space in the kitchen. Better yet, the non-stick surface works as represented by the company.

Product Features:

The Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle heats quickly and evenly. It has no hot spots like other griddles in the market that’s sold at the same price point of this product. Better yet, it maintains precise temperature like a champ, and it recovers quickly too. Moreover, the handles on each side of this device make it easy to flip the food inside of it.

Furthermore, this product can be immersed in the water for easy cleaning. For the small investment, you couldn’t have asked for a better griddle. Of course, there are better ones out there, but they will cost you twice or thrice the cost of this griddle.


-The Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle has a cast aluminum body to it that resists scratches. The aluminum construction also helps with even heat distribution.

-This griddle has a small footprint. So, it’s a perfect commodity for those with limited kitchen counter space. It can also prove to be a good camping partner due to its small size.

-As mentioned before, the cost of this griddle is extremely reasonable. If you ditch a movie show, you will be able to save enough to purchase this griddle.


-The size of the griddle is quite small. So, you won’t be able to prepare a meal for the whole family at a time. The size is perfect for one or two people and not more.

4. BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

This is another inexpensive griddle that can put some of the high-end electric griddles to shame. This cooking device will make your cooking time shorter, more fun, and easier than before. You can use it to cook bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, burgers, and what not.

It distributes heat evenly and holds the temperature very well, so everything will come out well. Basically, it works as it should. And, it’s pretty big. So, you will be able to make several dishes at once. So, don’t be fooled by the inexpensive price tag of this griddle.

Product Features:

The product features a built-in warming tray to keep the cooked meals warm so that they taste like they were ‘just cooked’ at the time of serving. As claimed, it’s non-stick. And, it works fine mechanically even when it’s subjected to constant use. So, you can expect even and perfect cooking even months and months later.

Simply put, this thing won’t be bin-ready soon just because you bought it cheap. For its asking price, there’s very few competition for this griddle. Frankly speaking, there are no major issues with this product. So, you can’t really go wrong by investing on this BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle.


-The BLACK+DECKER Griddle provides a large cooking surface. You can easily cook around eight hamburgers at one time. So, this thing can be a lifesaver for a mom of many kids.

-You can easily clean this griddle with your bare hands because it’s very light. Moreover, it’s dishwasher safe as well. It also comes with a grease tray to catch excess grease drippings.

-Too many griddles out there have very flimsy legs. This is not the case with this griddle. Like any other best electric griddle, this one is pretty well-built.

-This griddle has received a mix of both positive and negative reviews. That said, the majority of the customers appear to be happy with griddle’s performance.


-The size of the grease tray needs to be increased. At its current shape and size, it’s not able to go through a small packet of bacon without overflowing.

5. Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

The Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle will truly exceed your expectations with regards to product features and performance. Despite the low cost, this electric griddle is a bomb. The cookware company has really got most of the things right on this griddle.

It’s made from aluminum, the heating ability is great, and it cleans up easily too. Moreover, the griddle has a lasting built quality to it. Plus, it’s big enough to do more than eight pancakes at a time.

Frankly speaking, it’s extremely rare to find such an affordable electric griddle in today’s age and time, which can really outperform in almost all departments from excellent cooking to easy cleaning and everything else in between.

Product Features:

The removable handles are a fine feature on this griddle. They make it easy to store this electric griddle in the kitchen cabinet. Moreover, the detachable handles do not wobble. Yes, they are pretty well-made. And, the heat on this thing is uniform across the whole cooking surface. So, it won’t burn or undercook some part of the food.

Above all, this electric griddle features a premium non-stick surface that will enable you to lift the cooked food off the surface even when you don’t put oil or button down. Basically, you will be able to cook food on the plain surface, and the food will still come off the griddle with great ease.


-The removable handles are easy to remove or attach whenever needed. They make cleaning and storing of this electric unit an easy affair.

-The ample cooking surface will allow you to cook multiple items for the entire family at the same time. Other than home use, this griddle can also be used in a food truck.

-The accompanying instruction manual is excellent. It provides information on the temperature needed to cook different types of food and everything else that you need to know.

-The non-stick properties of this griddle work exactly as advertised. For a bacon or pancake loving family, this device would be a dream come true.


-Like other inexpensive griddles, this product loses some of its heating abilities with age. That said, the griddle will already give you the money’s worth until then.

Best Electric Griddle: Buying Guide

Best Electric Griddle

Choosing the best electric griddle requires careful research and some degree of common sense. But, this isn’t rocket science. We will include some pointers that will ease your shopping woes.

Cooking Surface:


Do you need an electric griddle for a family of two or six people?

It goes without saying; the ones with a smaller surface won’t be able to cook large batches of food at one time. So, pay attention to the size of the cooking surface when shopping for an electric griddle.

Getting a griddle with a larger-than-needed cooking surface won’t do any harm. However, don’t get a small-sized unit if there are many members in your family.

Even Cooking


How is the heat distribution of the shortlisted electric griddle?

This question needs to be addressed because you don’t want to end up with a griddle that has some favorite spots.

Ideally speaking, the heat should be evenly distributed across the cooking surface, or else you will end up with half cooked or overly cooked meals. It goes without saying; this will beat the whole purpose of getting an electric griddle.

Non-Stick Surface

The non-stick surface griddles are on the trend these days. Usually, companies use some non-stick coating on the surface to prevent the food from sticking to the griddle. This also helps to lessen the use of oil and butter in the meal.

So, you will end up eating a healthier meal every day. Another benefit of a non-stick griddle is that it’s easier to clean because of the non-stick nature of the product, which prevents the food from sticking to the griddle.

Ease of Cleaning

Presto Cool Touch Grill

Cooking a meal can be a real joy, but cleaning the cooking device afterward can be a real task. After all, some griddles are a nightmare to clean. So, make sure that you don’t fall for such products just because they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Ideally speaking, you should get a dishwasher safe griddle.

If it’s not dishwasher safe, check if it can be easily assembled and dissembled for easy cleaning. As hinted earlier, the non-stick ones are easy to clean. You will simply have to wipe the cooking surface with a clean tissue paper.


Of course, your budget is a very important part of the equation when shopping for the best electric griddle because there can be a huge price gap between two products that offer the same features and performance.

Basically, you will have to set your budget and choose a griddle that has all the features that you are looking for. Of course, it helps to stretch your budget a little bit for a good product instead of investing in a cheap product with inferior features.  You are buying an appliance for your home kitchen and you want it to last.

More Shopping Tips:

-Make sure that the cord length of the griddle is of adequate length, so that it doesn’t fall out of the attached electric outlet time and again.

-Depending on where you want to keep the griddle, make sure that you consider a size that fits well in the kitchen cabinet. After all, not everyone out there will be happy to leave their griddle sitting on the countertop.

-Last but not the least; buy the griddle from a reputable brand as opposed to a generic brand to make sure that your investment on the griddle lasts for several years and beyond.


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