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silicone pancake flipper

Once you have decided on which electric griddle to purchase, it is time to decide on which spatula and other kitchen utensils to use.  Because most griddle surfaces are non-stick you will want to look closely at silicone rubber spatulas, whisks and other kitchen tools.

Most non-stick surfaces don’t work well with metal.  The coating is very thing and a metal surface can easily scratch off the non-stick coating, leaving you with chips and scratches on your cooking surface.  Eventually those small scratches can lead to peeling and then you have a worthless griddle.  As the peeling continues you are actually ingesting (eating) the non-stick coating and that is not good for anyone.  Just another reason to pay attention to your choices with kitchen utensils.

The three piece set of silicone spatulas from StarPack is one of the best values you will find.  Included in the set is a wide slotted spatula, a large spatula and a regular sized flipper (18″ long and a 3″ head).  All three pieces are very lightweight and flexible, yet they are durable and sturdy.

starpack set of silicone spatulas and pancake flippers

What’s The Difference Between A Spatula And A Pancake Flipper?

There is no difference but it does get confusing.  Rubber scrapers are also called spatulas at times, only adding to the confusion.  Whether you call it a pancake flipper, a burger flipper, a spatula or a sandwich flipper, you are describing a very common (and necessary) kitchen utensil.

Using silicone utensils is a must when you are using non-stick appliances or cookware.  One exception is the Bella electric griddle.   Its surface is actually ceramic and metal utensils probably won’t harm it.  It’s the same with pots and pans.  Depending on the surface, silicone may be your best bet to keep the cookware pristine.

using a silicone spatula on an electric grill

We really like the ease of clean up with these spatulas.  All three are silicone, meaning that after you are finished cooking you can simply toss the item into the dishwasher.  The surface stays smooth, even after repeated use, and can handle extremely high heats.  Being lightweight is a plus also.  While using a spatula isn’t considered heavy lifting, using a lightweight and balanced spatula makes cooking so much easier.

Inexpensive And Long Lasting

Silicone is known to be a long lasting material, even when used with high heats.  This set of spatulas has a silicone handle and a silicone head (the part that flips your food) with a stainless steel frame.  Having a wider head makes flipping foods like omelettes much easier and having a non-stick finish on the spatula really assists in moving food around on the cooking surface.

Price for this set is very reasonable, usually around $27.  Bought separately the pieces would be around $12 so purchasing a set can save you money.  Overall, we really like this set of spatulas (pancake flippers) and highly recommend them.

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