Review of the All-Clad Electric Griddle

The best electronic griddle I’ve ever used! The All-Clad Stainless Steel Electric Griddle is top notch and well worth the price.

Most people look for a traditional silicone non-stick surface when they are buying an electric griddle but I really like the durability of a stainless steel top.  You need to make a few changes in how you cook on stainless steel, and clean up is completely different.  However, the benefits are many when choosing stainless steel and there are some great options on Amazon that will definitely grab your interest.

Stainless steel will cook differently than non-stick and you want to make sure that you have the proper utensils to use.  Some people swear by metal utensils when using a stainless cooking surface, especially when it comes to spatulas (turners).

Which type of electric griddle is best for you? Both non-stick and stainless steel will get the job done.  Non-stick is easier to clean but stainless steel browns foods better.  Check out different reviews before you make your decision.

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