PRESTO Electric Griddle Review

This Presto electric griddle (model 07061) is one of the best griddles on the market and is an Amazon top seller, with good reason. The extra-large 22 inch cooking surface is perfect for those meals that need a lot of food to be prepared. This kitchen appliance is definitely an excellent buy. Presto began business in 1905 in Eau Claire, WI and has been manufacturing quality home and kitchen appliances for almost 115 years. They have a variety of electric griddles in their arsenal, we think that this unit is the best.  

The first thing you will notice with this griddle is the oversized cooking surface. Most griddles have an 18-20″ (length) cooking top. This unit has an extra large 22″ cook top, making it one of the larger electric griddles on the market for home use. Why does this matter? The extra cooking surface comes in handy when you are preparing a variety of dishes at one time, such as pancakes and eggs. Both cook quickly but the extra large surface allows you to quickly and easily prepare both at the same time. presto 22 inch electric griddle The surface is non-stick, allowing for easy clean up. The drip tray is convenient and can be put into the dishwasher, a nice benefit. As is true with most non-stick surfaces, you will want to make sure that you use silicone rubber kitchen utensils to avoid scratches. The griddle itself can be detached from the frame, making clean up much easier than it is with some models.

Removable Handles

Everyone has storage issues, no matter how large the kitchen might be. One of the key benefits of this griddle are the removable handles. Using a simple twist latch, you can remove both handles quickly and store you griddle (which is now 3″ shorter) in most any cupboards. Storage is no longer an issue with this appliance. The power source is fairly basic but powerful enough to handle most cooking jobs. The 1500 watt cord and power head fit nicely into the top corner of the frame. We found the heat distribution to be excellent, no cold spots were found. The surface heated quickly and maintained a very even heat, even for long periods of time.

Sturdy and Durable

Presto has made this unit with a sturdy cast aluminum frame that won’t warp or twist. The handles are well made and solid. We removed the handles many times to test the latches and they showed no signs of wear or slippage. The cooking surface is also solid. There is a slight lip all the way around the edge but it creates no problems when you are turning foods. With over 220 square inches of cooking surface, you want a solid griddle. Being oversized means that you can cook more food at one time. This electric griddle will easily hold 10 grilled cheese sandwiches at one time. It’s large enough that you can have 4 pancakes on one half of the griddle and 4 eggs frying on the other half. It can easily cook hash browns on one side and sausages on the other. Our opinion on this griddle is that it is an excellent value for the price. Every kitchen should have an electric griddle and this unit by Presto is well worth its price.  




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