Oster DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray

oster electric griddle with warming tray

This electric griddle is not only durable and easy to use, it has an added feature that should be on all electric griddles.  Oster wisely has added a warming tray to this unit!  Using a simple slide/tray system they have created an extremely practical solution to the always present issue of how do you keep food warm?

The addition of the warming tray is practical and usable, it is truly a simple system.  Because this griddle has a large cooking surface (10 X 20 inches) you have a good sized frame that has room for a tray to slide safely under the griddle.  No need for an additional heating unit, the radiating heat from the surface is sufficient to keep foods warm for quite a while.


oster electric griddle with warming tray built in

This is a very well built kitchen appliance, its durability is a given.  The frame is made from heavy aluminum and easily supports the cooking surface and tray.  The grease channel is well positioned and the drip tray slides out easily.  You can put the drip tray in the dishwasher, making that part of the clean up a snap.

Titanium Infused Ceramic Cooking Surface

Oster uses a unique material for the cooking surface of this electric griddle.  Called DuraCeramic, this surface will be naturally non-stick.  It’s made with a titanium infused ceramic which means it doesn’t require a non-stick coating.  This can be a real benefit as some non-stick surfaces can chip and peel, making them unsafe for cooking.  This product claims to be 4 times more durable than a traditional non-stick surface and won’t chip or peel.

The ceramic surface is also very good for quickly reaching the desired temperature and then maintaining it.  Because it heats up faster you will notice a reduction in your overall cooking time.

Oster Electric Griddle With Warming Tray Review

The power cord and temperature control are well made and fit easily into the side of this unit.  Too many electric griddles have poorly positioned power cords but not this unit.  While the surface isn’t removable from the frame, we found clean up to be quite easy.  The warming tray is plastic and can be put into the dishwasher.  We recommend washing the tray a couple of times before using.

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A Good Electric Griddle

While this unit doesn’t have the largest cooking surface in the market it does have a good sized surface.  The warming tray is a great idea and works quite well.  Every recipe that we tried with this griddle turned out great and it performed very well.  Generally priced under $30, we think this is a very good electric griddle for the money.




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