Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Electric Griddle

A Review Of The Hamilton Beach Durathon Electric Griddle Ceramic Cooking Surface

I have 4 kitchen products made by Hamilton Beach that I use often and I love the quality!  Hamilton Beach is known for high quality kitchen appliances and this Durathon Electric Griddle is one example of the high quality found in HB products.

A Review Of The Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Electric Griddle.

Hamilton Beach was founded over 110 years ago in Wisconsin and has continued to manufacture high quality high value products during those years.  While most of the manufacturing is done overseas they still have some made in the USA products.

An Electric Griddle With A Ceramic Cooking Surface

The first thing that you notice when you unbox this griddle is the color.  Typically an electric griddle has a black nonstick surface and, at first glance, they all look alike.  Lately there has been a move into other materials and Hamilton Beach is moving that way with this griddle.

The surface is a ceramic unit and has a copper color to it.  Hamilton Beach calls this surface Durathon and claims that it will last 4 times longer than a traditional nonstick surface.  It is PTFE and PFOA free and won’t peel or chip the way that some traditional nonstick surfaces (sometimes called Teflon) will do.

The surface is also extra large, giving you a lot of room to cook many items at one time.  You will have over 200 square inches of cooking surface with this griddle, meaning you can cook up to 8 pancakes or 6 grilled cheese sandwiches at the same time.

Finally, An Easy To Clean Electric Griddle

Hamilton Beach Durathon Electric Griddle Is Easy To Clean.

We were skeptical until we tried it, but you can actually put the entire unit in your kitchen sink to clean.  Once you have removed the cord and the drip tray the whole griddle can be immersed in water for cleaning.  Most electric griddles don’t allow you to do this and you have to carefully clean the griddle without putting it in a sink full of water.

The drip tray is conveniently located and can be removed quickly and easily.  Once you have poured out the drippings you can toss the drip pan into the dishwasher.  The whole unit, except for the power cord, is wonderfully easy to clean.

How Does This Electric Griddle Perform?

Performance is the key when it comes to any kitchen appliance.  If it doesn’t work well the question becomes why do you use it?  You won’t have that problem with this unit.  The power cord is very durable and easy to attach or remove.  The face is easy to read and wipes clean with a damp towel.  Like most electric griddles, this unit works very well for temperatures of 200-400 degrees.  We found very consistent heating, even when we loaded too many foods on the cooking surface.

One other nice feature of this griddle was the cool touch sides.  All of the legs and the handles are designed to be cool to the touch regardless of the temperature of the cooking surface.

A Few Things We Don’t Like

The surface is ceramic, not copper, even though the color is copper.  Ceramic surfaces have been know to chip, although it usually is because the cook used a metal utensil.

Ceramic is also prone to staining if foods are cooked at high temperatures.  Usually the stain can be removed and it doesn’t affect the nonstick properties.

Should You Buy This Electric Griddle?

Yes.  This griddle is almost always retailed at less that $40.  While there are less expensive units available, they don’t have the ceramic cooking surface and the ease of clean up.  The overall quality is excellent and well worth the price.  This can and should be one of your main kitchen tools.

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