DASH Extra Large Everyday Electric Griddle

A review of the DASH electric Griddle

This well-made electric griddle may be the most attractive griddle that we have come across.  Most griddles have an industrial look about them, there usually is scant attention paid to the visual aspect of the appliance.  Not so with this over-sized griddle by DASH.  The legs and underside are hidden by a ceramic wrap around.  This not only looks good, it is also functional.  The wrap stays cool and is designed to keep anyone from getting burned .  Whether you have little ones that like to touch things or if you find yourself getting singed at times, you will love the safety aspect of the wrap.

DASH Electric Griddle With Extra Large Cooking Surface.

An Extra Large Griddle Surface

Let’s start with the most obvious feature, the extra large cooking surface.  This unit’s surface is almost 20” wide by 10” high, giving you a lot of cooking surface.  A common complaint with some electric griddles is the size of the cooking area.  With almost 200 square inches to use you can easily cook 6 pancakes at one time and still have plenty of room to move the cakes around.  Keep in mind that because your griddle has a non stick surface, you can only use silicone or wooden kitchen utensils.

A cooking surface of this size also gives you the room to separate foods from one another.  If you are cooking breakfast you can use one half of the griddle for eggs and the other half for pancakes or meats.  Maybe you are making a meal that involves hamburgers and hash browns.  Again, you have plenty of room on the cooking surface to cook both items and still keep them separated.

Keeping The Griddle Hot

Another common complaint with lower quality electric griddles is a lack of consistent heat.  Too often the griddle has a poor quality heating element and you find that you have cool spots on the cooking surface.  We didn’t find this problem with the DASH griddle, the surface temperature stayed very consistent, even at high heats.

Learn how to cook almost any dish on your electric griddle.

The control probe is very easy to read and use.  It plugs in at the end of the unit and can be removed quickly when it is time to clean the griddle.  We found that the griddle heated up quickly and maintained the required temperature very well.

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Cleaning The Griddle

Most electric griddles are easy to clean, that ease of cleaning is one of the main selling points.  This griddle is very easy to clean and store.  The cooking surface has a small channel that allows you to push any grease into the hidden drip trap.  The drip tray pulls out easily and you can toss it in the dishwasher when you are done cooking.  The surface is coated with a non-stick treatment that is very durable.

DASH Electric Griddle Features

The wrap around is also easy to clean, it wipes off with a damp towel.  It also helps to keep any cooking grease from ending up on the bottom of the griddle.

Electric Griddle Recipes

Each griddle comes with a recipe book that is well written.  Too often people get an electric griddle and think it’s only useful for making pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches.  While it is excellent for making those dishes, it is also great for making almost any dish that you can make in a frying pan.

We also really like that fact that this unit comes in four different colors.  While the surface color is always the same, you can choose a color for the wrap around.  It’s a visually appealing touch that makes the griddle seem less industrial.

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A Few Things We Don’t Like

While we really like the looks of this electric griddle, we really don’t like the price.  This unit, the DASH Everyday Nonstick model DEG200GBWH01, is priced at about $50.  It works very well and is well made but it doesn’t have any extra features that would make this price a value.  However, the performance was excellent during our tests.


Yes, you should buy this electric griddle because it is well made, works very well and looks great.

No, you shouldn’t buy this electric griddle because there are other models available at a lower price.

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