Bella Copper Titanium Coated Electric Griddle

Bella Copper Titanium Coated Electric Griddle Review

Using a unique surface treatment, this electric griddle by Bella is extremely durable and easy to use.  We tested this griddle thoroughly and the titanium coated surface surpassed all of our expectations.

This griddle has a ceramic surface called Healthy-Eco.  It’s a hybrid treatment based on titanium and is more durable than most non-stick surfaces.  It also has less chemical release when it heats up and is able to maintain a more consistent heat over the entire cooking surface.  The titanium also gives the surface amazing durability, it resists most everyday scratches and nicks.

The heating source is a 1500 watt unit, more than enough for any cooking requirement.  One thing to check whenever you are comparing electric griddles is how the power cord feels after the unit has been plugged in and operating for a while.  A well made unit will not feel hot (warm is okay), and this cord and power unit did very well, even when we kept a high heat for over an hour.

A review of the Bella copper titanium coated electric griddle.

Another good test of any electric griddle is how heat is distributed and maintained over the entire surface.  Nothing is more frustrating than to have cool spots on the cooking surface and having food not cook thoroughly.  This griddle had no problems with even heat, it got hot quickly, kept an even heat and maintained that heat during the cooking process.  Every recipe that we tested cooked very well.

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Well Designed And Sturdy

One of the added benefits to the ceramic titanium surface is that it is safe for metal utensils.  It doesn’t happen often but silicone rubber spatulas can melt on very hot surfaces, leaving a horrible mess.  That won’t happen with this griddle, metal utensils work well and won’t scratch or scrape the surface.

a review of the bella copper titanium coated electric griddle

The basic design of this electric griddle is very smart.  The handles are heat resistant, making them very convenient if you need to move the griddle while still cooking.  The cooking surface detaches completely from the frame, allowing you to put it into the sink for easy cleaning.  Most units have the surface attached to the frame and clean up can require some unique bending and reaching to clean up.  The drip tray is easy to remove and can go right into the dishwasher.  The cooking surface itself is 20″ by 10″, a good size for most any recipe that you will make.

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Why copper?  Mostly for color.  The surface material is mainly ceramic and titanium with a very small amount of copper.  You may have seen TV commercials for copper cookware, it has become very popular and is known for holding heat very well.  This surface is excellent for holding and distributing heat and we really like the option of using metal utensils.

Overall, this is an excellent electric griddle for the money.


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