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ATGRILLS designs and manufactures restaurant equipment based on a tradition of quality since 1997. Prepare delicious grilled foods in your kitchen with the Smokeless Electric Grill/Griddle.

Love is at the core of what we do. Take advantage of ATGRILLS’s know-how in manufacturing standard equipment for the food service industry: gas and electric cooking equipment, like cast aluminum/iron dutch oven, electric griddle and so on.
Adding electric griddles in your kitchen can be the best way to have fun cooking. Whether cooking eggs, beacons, pancakes, and vegetable, griddles are handy kitchen equipment.
Generally, these equipment are versatile and can be an alternative to various kitchen cookware. Griddles are basically a solution to a quick breakfast preparation without hassles.

electric griddle non-stick coatingelectric griddle non-stick coating

Electric Griddle Non-Stick, Smokeless Kitchen Electric Grill with Drip Tray & Temperature Control for Indoor/Outdoor

Color: Black
Style No.: HP4525
Wattage: 1200W
Weight 4.9 pounds
Cast Aluminum body heats quickly & evenly
Non-Stick Surface promotes low-fat cooking & easy cleanup
Dimensions: 17.7″ x 10″ cooking surface; 21″ x 10″ including handle and frame. ►There may be a slight error (±0.5”) in the size of the manual measurement.
Drip Tray: Yes
Variable Temperature Control: Yes
Electric griddle is safe to430ºF and fully immersible after the heat control is taken off. Cleans up in a jiffy and totally DISHWASHER SAFE.
WARNING: *Please kindly use wooden/silicone spatulas so as not to scratch the finish on your non-stick coatings.


Cool-Touch Handles

The non-metal bakelite handles of the electric grill griddle remain cool to the touch throughout the cooking cycle, providing convenient moving without heating or burning your hands.

temperature controltemperature control

Removable Temperature Control

The removable probe can be set to desired temperatures between 0-430ºF, providing the ideal heat for every cooking task.
You can easily adjust the temperature to cook various tasty dishes, such as beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, etc with retaining their natural flavour.
This electric griddle is absolutely great for indoor & outdoor use, incl. preparing and serving for dinner parties, individual meals, BBQ-style food and so on.

Outstanding Features of the 10″x21″ Family-Sized Electric Griddle

non-stick grill family sized

non-stick grill family sized


removable drip tray

removable drip tray


thiner plate

thiner plate


Nonstick Cooking Surface

Premium NON-STICK cooking surface provides stick-free cooking and no-hassle cleaning, which is also 4x more durable than traditional nonstick coating.
PTFE and PFOA free and won’t easily crack or peel.
It really does NOT need to even be greased, totally prevent ANYTHING from sticking and make cleaning simple.

Slide-out Drip Tray

The oil drip tray keep the food free of fat and grease, making food cooked on the grill healthier.
WHERE IS THE DRIP TRAY? The removable drip tray is on the reverse side of the styrofoam of the packing box.

Great Addition to A Healthy Life

Thinner plate material.
Heat quickly & evenly.
One electric griddle per box.


Non-stick Coating

3-layer Enamel Finish over Interior & Exterior

Titanium-infused Ceramic Coating

Non-stick Maifanite Coating

Non-stick Coating

Non-stick Ceramic Coating


Cast Aluminum

Cast Iron

430 Stainless Steel

Cast Aluminum



Use oven mitts to protect hands

Stainless steel




4.5 QT



2 QT


PFOA and PTFE-free

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Wattage  1200W

Approx weight

4.9 lbs

Enamels exterior Finish

✅【Durable & Portable】: Premium NON-STICK, SMOOTH & FLAT cooking surface provides stick-free cooking and no-hassle cleaning, which is 4x more durable than traditional nonstick coating. The coating won’t crack or peel and totally resistant to scratches. The base is made of cast aluminum for added durability. This portable electric griddle weighs about 4.9 lbs and can be placed in any part of the kitchen due to its elegant and sleek design. It’s lightweight and smokeless for indoor/outdoor use.
✅【Even & Constant Heat】: Do you want speed, space and efficiency for cooking? The electric griddle serves cooking area 17.7″ x 10″ and measures 21.25” x 10.04” x 2.95” overall. ♨Plus the griddle’s heavy cast aluminum base ensures that heat is evenly distributed for a balanced cooking and make it easy to clean, while it promotes even browning and better taste. The rapid preheating properties of the cast aluminum griddle will reduce energy consumption as well.
✅【Low Fat Eating, Smokeless & Healthier】: The griddle with a PTFE/PFOA-Free nonstick surface has plenty of room for grilling all your breakfast favorites and beyond at the same time and works flawlessly for everything from pancakes, eggs, and bacon, to steaks, and chicken while retaining their natural flavour. ♨Electric griddles are with a safe nonstick coating which makes them long lasting and healthy. The removable oil drip tray catches fat and juices for easy disposal and added cleanliness.
✅【Removable Temperature Control w/ Temperature Range】: This electric kitchen appliance has a strong 1200 Watt heating ingredient that heats up shortly (0-430ºF), whereas exact temperature knob makes it straightforward to make the food precisely the way you need it. The control system on the griddle ensures that your heat is evenly supplied across the surface and gives you the chance to observe maximum cooking while making different recipes. It can be stored easily in a kitchen cabinet.
✅【Cool-touch Handles & Easy Cleaning】: The non-metal bakelite handles of the electric griddle remain cool to the touch throughout the cooking cycle, providing convenient moving without heating or burning your hands. It really does NOT need to even be greased, totally prevent ANYTHING from sticking. And the entire griddle is immersible for cleaning after the heat control is removed. Cleans up in a jiffy and totally DISHWASHER SAFE. ♨All electric griddles PROVIDE 1-year WARRANTY.


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