Recipes for an electric griddle


Electric Griddle

I love to cook and on of favorite tools in my kitchen is my electric griddle.  I know what you are thinking-my mom had one of those.  She probably did and I’ll be she used it a lot.  As I try to stay organized with the kids I am always looking to use appliances that will make my life easier in the kitchen.  My electric griddle does just that.





After some friends told me about the great meals that they were preparing with an electric griddle, I decided to get one for myself.  I was surprised at how many options there were, in fact I was a bit overwhelmed.  That’s why I started this blog, to pass on tips and reviews on some of the more popular griddles available and what I have found when using them.


Bella Copper Titanium Coated Electric Griddle Review

I also have been collecting recipes that can be done on my electric griddle and I am posting them as well.  Hopefully you will find one that will become a family favorite.  If you have a recipe that you think others would like, please send it to me and I will post it for all to share.